About MT

Series Managers & Curators: Sarah Mae Gibbons and Audrey MacLean
Series Founders: Annie Kloppenberg and Lauren Simpson
Web manager: Sofia Engelman

MT is a curated contemporary class series taught by a rotating group of working artists and master teachers from Boston and beyond. There is an emphasis on practices rooted in improvisation, somatic inquiry, collaboration, and release-based techniques. Classes are a chance to work out and work on new or old ideas, a place to give voice to both fresh and seasoned faces, to sweat, laugh, and have fun dancing together.


The series will establish a community around training together with class giving and taking as shared investments in physical inquiry; address categories of contemporary dance practice currently underrepresented in Boston; gather Boston’s next generation of dance artists and teachers; connect artists across cities; and generate the seeds of new projects.

A note from the Series Founders:

Four years ago, we founded Moving Target Boston with a handful of goals. Knit together by aesthetic values and an ethos around a supportive, welcoming, collaborative, and experimental class community, the series maintains the same commitment to quality and rigor that has characterized training at Green Street Studios since the studio’s founding 23 years ago. Moving Target teachers have included emerging artists, artists of local, and national acclaim, and frequently includes out of town companies during their performances at ICA Boston or through WorldMusic/CRASHArts.  

Starting a new project is always a risk. We thank everyone who has helped keep the series alive and kicking to this point including all of the teachers and students, work-study and check-in helpers, the support of David Henry at the ICA and Maure Aronson of WorldMusic/CRASHArts, Sarah Mae Gibbons and Audrey MacLean who, in the 2014-15 Season, will take on augmented roles as Series Managers, and, of course the staff and Board of our host organization, Green Street Studios.

Location: Studio 1 at Green Street Studios, 185 Green St. Cambridge, MA

Time: Saturdays 1-3pm

Questions? 185greenstreet@gmail.com 

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