Deanna Pellechia

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Deanna Pellechia’s mission, as a dance-artist/educator, is to bring dance, in the form of high-art, to the masses. In the process of achieving this goal she has danced with horses, in trees, on stilts, under water and through air; has been featured in rodeos, operas, plays, fashion shows, magazines, movies and music videos; and has performed in unconventional landscapes as well as theaters of all shapes and sizes across the United States from the Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington D.C. to the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert. DeAnna has toured throughout India, performing and teaching in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala and Bangalore for organizations such as the National School of Drama, Pondicherry University, Alliance Francaise and the University of Calicut. She has created performance pieces with Grammy-nominated musicians Dave Eggar and Joshua Pierce, NYC music-icon, composer Johnny Reinhard, award-winning choreographer Ann Carlson and legendary choreographer Elaine Summers of the Judson Dance Theater. She has performed onstage with music artists including Mission of Burma’s front man/guitarist Roger Miller, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s singer/composer Dina Fanai, and Chuck D and Flavor Flav of Public Enemy. Her work has been presented by the American Festival of Microtonal Music, The Charles Playhouse/Broadway Across America, Critical Moves Performance Series, Outside Art Collective, Braver, P.C., Betty Riaz/STIL, The Huntington Theater, Boston University, Roger Williams University, The Boston Center for the Arts, Mobius, The Order of The Artists, The Dance Complex, and Green Street Studios.

Class Description: DeAnna’s high-energy technique class, grounded in orientation, emphasizes athleticism, strength and fluidity. Her contemporary choreography is strongly influenced by her extensive studies in martial arts, jazz technique and hip-hop. DeAnna teaches master classes and workshops for professional and pre-professional dancers, (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels) in Technique, Performance Skills, Aerial Dance, Improvisation and Composition and has been featured as a guest artist throughout the United States and India. 

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