Kendra Portier

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Originally from Columbus, Ohio; Kendra Portier was born and raised commune style. She trained and performed with BalletMet and later recieved a BFA in dance from The Ohio State University. Since relocating to NYC she has had the fortune of working with brilliant beings such as Lisa Race/Scott Cohen, Jennifer Nugent, White Road DanceChoreographer Kendra Portier. Media, 5’4″, Hoi Polloi, Nicole Wolcott Dance, and collaborations with Launch Movement Experiment. In 2008, Kendra created and implemented “dancepants”, a donation based community dance program dedicated to experimental pedagogies in support of Brooklyn based dance spaces. She has been a guest artist and/or presented work at a variety of colleges, universities, dance spaces, rooftops, and festivals; newly under the moniker BandPortier. Currently, Kendra is on faculty at Hunter College, Dance New Amsterdam, Monroe Dance Academy and is performing with Vanessa Justice Dance, MVWorks, Michael and the Go-Getters, Annie Kloppenberg Dance, and most recently David Dorfman Dance.

Class description: Class is physical and is largely a sensation based articulation of form via improvisation and heavily nuanced set material. I believe we are all uniquely grande beings and I am interested in how we can cultivate the permission to revel in our own decadence, eccentricity, and beauty. How can we feed our joy for movement and dispel our judgement? How can we sweat our histories and nurture the confidence to present them? How does the legacy of our techniques(s) serve as a skeleton, which we fatten with quality, experience and dedication? I want to explore via little physics and loud ways… I want to trust our physical and creative capabilities… I want us to be reminded why we must dance… because we are human.

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