Christina Robson

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Christina Robson is from Tewksbury, Massachusetts. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in dance performance from Roger Williams University. In 2007 she studied abroad at the London Contemporary School while completing a core concentration in visual arts and British studies. She has recently worked on projects with Deganit Shemy, Kino dance, Lonely Goat Dance, and Michael and the Go-Getters. Christina currently dances for The Sean Curran Company, Kendra Portier, and Monica Bill Barnes and Company.

Class Description: Through a combination of yoga, guided improvisational states, a touch of bodywork and several simple, full-bodied tasks we will build heat in the body and bring awareness to the layers of skin, bone, and muscle. We will fluctuate several times between improvised qualitative studies and technically calculated center floor exercises in hopes to ride a balance of raw spontaneity infused with clarity and precision. Phrase work will be spatially expansive and explore dynamic range. We will attempt to seamlessly blend qualities of boundless risk with polished moments of specific virtuosity. 

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