Annie Kloppenberg

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Annie Kloppenberg’s current creative and theoretical research hinges on improvisation. She has presented scholarly papers examining spontaneity in the choreographic process and her article “Improvisation in Process: Post-Control Choreography” can be found in the August 2010 issue of Dance Chronicle. Annie teaches and performs nationally as a member of the improvisational company, Like You Mean It and directs Annie Klopenberg & Company, now based in Boston. Other current projects include a collaboration with Headlong Dance Theater in Philadelphia and a new work with Kendra Portier. Recent choreographic commissions and residencies include Boston Center for the Arts, Dance Theater Workshop (NYC), Dublin Arts Council and OhioDance (OH). Kloppenberg’s choreography has been presented at Movement Research at the Judson Church (NYC), Dance Space Center (now DNA, NYC), and Jennifer Muller/the Works(NYC), The Boston Center for the Arts, Green Street Studios, CMAC, and throughout New England. Annie has worked with the Bebe Miller Company, Sara Pearson & Patrik Widrig, Shani Collins, Rebecca Rice, Cathy Young, Heidi Henderson, Karl Rogers, Meghan Sprenger/MVWorks, Annie Bessera/Striding Lion, Ashley Thorndike, and Katherine Ferrier. Annie has worked in arts administration at the Wexner Center for the Arts, New York City Center, Dance Theater Workshop, and now serves on the board of Green Street Studios. Annie is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Colby College, holds an MFA from The Ohio State University and a BA from Middlebury College.

Class Description: Class will focus on developing articulate, dynamic, available, and expressive bodies in a dialogue between rigorous technical practice and targeted improvisational exercises. Movement phrases play with control, abandon, and their intersection, emphasizing principles of weight, efficiency, specificity, and torque to illuminate the patterning of movement rather than the action of it alone. Movement sequences are designed to facilitate inquiry into how one might create the physical conditions, which allow the body to perform as its most expressive, most dynamic instrument. We will explore virtuosity and subtle performance textures, increasing dynamic range and depth, valuing individuality in all movement. We work towards greater adaptability of our physical instruments. The simple version: we move big, sweat a lot, and have a great time!

Photo Credit: Ganesh Ramachandran

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