Adriana Durant

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Adriana Durant is a performer, teacher, and choreographer.  She has a MFA in Choreography from The Ohio State University and a BFA in Performance from Emerson College.  She has performed professionally as an improvisational dance artist, dancer for numerous independent choreographers, and as a member of Mordine and Company Dance Theatre in Chicago. Adriana currently performs and teaches nationally as a member of Like You Mean It, an improvisation trio focusing on group composition in performance. Adriana has also performed in works by Bebe Miller, Amy Raymond, HiJack Dance Company, Peter Schmitz, Peter DiMuro, Compagnie Felix Ruckert, Ashley Thorndike, Yen Fang Yu, Colleen Leonardi, and Annie Kloppenberg. Adriana’s work has been performed in Chicago, NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Columbus and Athens Ohio, where she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio University, teaching ballet, modern, composition, and improvisation for two years. At Ohio University, Adriana curated an improvisation symposium titled: Maintaining an Active PresenceA Multifaceted View of Practices in Dance Improvisation where she presented the paper Improvisation and Everyday Life.

Class Description: In my modern and ballet technique, improvisation, and composition courses, I approach movement from physical, intellectual, and sensory perspectives. I believe that creative innovations in dance materialize from the rigorous exploration of physical potential. Focusing on effort, weight, articulation, direction, and locomotion, I engage dancers in concepts of the mind/body connection and in performance skills, tackling different ways of performing a single movement. Varying the structure of my classes, I present material physically, theoretically, and historically. I engage my students so that they develop the skills and the personal voice necessary to prepare them for professional careers as informed dance artists.

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