Teilo Troncy

Teilo’s website!

Teilo Troncy (France) is a choreographer, dancer and teacher currently based in Bordeaux. After his acting and contemporary dance training at the Conservatory of Bordeaux, he studied at the School for New Dance Development “SNDO” in Amsterdam where he developed his work as a maker and discovered a broad range of expressions and practices. His work has been shown in festivals and theatres in Europe such as Holland, Germany, France. He has performed for the choreographers Boris Charmatz, Steve Paxton, Mathilde Monnier, among others. Teilo has been a guest teacher at the professional dance training Lullaby Danza Project (Bordeaux, France) and in Dansateliers (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).

Class Description: As dance teachers Hana and Teilo share a commitment to facilitating heightened kinesthetic and mental awareness and developing a relaxed and curious presence. They are both influenced by Body Weather Labratory, Body Mind Centering, and Mindfulness Meditation, as well as their love of social dance and collective, bodily spaces of celebration. Their class, a hybrid of their converging and diverging interests, will consist of both set and improvised material that facilitates participants in exploration of heightened states of awareness, release, and physical engagement. Fun is important and so is sweat. 

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