Lailye Weidman

Lailye Weidman is a dancer and maker, currently based in Boston. Her present projects include Higher ED—an interdisciplinary collaborative project making dances guided by the weather, a dance theater duet with choreographer Alli Ross, and mining in the studio with Hana van der Kolk and Teilo Troncy.  Lailye has also recently been a guest editor and editorial assistant for Contact Quarterly, a biannual journal of dance, improvisation, and performance.She graduated from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance. While in L.A., she danced in the choreography of Victoria Marks, Hana van der Kolk, Christine Suarez, and Carol McDowell. Lailye’s work has been shown at Anatomy Riot and Pieter PASD in Los Angeles, CounterPulse in San Francisco, APE Performance Space in Northampton, and Green Street Studios in Boston. She was a Spring 2012 Emerging Artist at Green Street Studios and has been an artist-in-residence at the Hothouse summer residency program at UCLA and the SEEDS Festival 2009 (Somatic Experiments in Earth Dance and Science). She teaches contemporary dance and yoga in academic and community settings. Her writing has been published in Contact Quarterly and ITCH dance zine.

Class Description: Background/foreground. In this class, we will investigate space–the kind of space that is all around us and that we take up, plus our effect on it and its effect on us. These “space activation” techniques will require both dancing our hardest and turning our attention to small perceptual shifts. The practices mostly derive from years of contact improvisation, dancing outside, biking through the city, tracing histories through contemporary/traditional dance forms, and watching bodies light up rooms when they move. I think you will find some new doorways into dancing. Come on in! 

Hana and Lailye’s Class Description:  Hana and Lailye have been bouncing physical ideas off of each other for 12 years. They are both interested in ways to trick the whole body into being present, moving without choosing, and combining/repurposing different techniques for new endeavors. Their influences include Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, Mindfulness Meditation, Authentic Movement, Dropping it like it’s hot, and Body Weather. In this class, they will share a few practices that they love—ones that invoke states of magic and rigor. 

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