Josselyn Levinson

Josselyn Levinson is a Los Angeles native who graduated from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. She holds a BA in Dance from the University of Washington Seattle and an MFA in dance from the University of Colorado Boulder with an emphasis in the Alexander Technique and was the recipient of the Charlotte York Irey Scholarship recognizing excellence in academic and artistic work.  Josselyn has had the pleasure of dancing with Wendy Osserman Dance Company, Peter Kyle Dance, Sera-Kim Huenergard/skuedworks, Erica Essner Performance Co-op, Leanne Schmidt and Co. and Gabriel Masson Dance. Her choreographic work has been produced in various venues in Seattle, Denver, Boulder and New York including Triskelion Arts, Teatro La Tea and Jennifer Muller Studio/Hatch and has guest taught at the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Oregon, Eugene. Josselyn is the co artistic director of “Tough Cookie Dance”, a New York based duet company with Michael Richman that aims to infuse comedy into contemporary dance work and currently she dances for Elisabeth Motley/Motley Dance and Alexandra Beller /Dances. When Josselyn is not dancing around New York she can be found teaching Pilates and working on a soon to be released food writing blog.

Class Description: Contemporary Phrasework, Moving, Sweating, Learning, Laughing, Stretching, Acting, Jumping, Spinning, Contemplating, Watching, Kicking, Flaying, Focusing, Playing, Dancing….My classes are rooted in the belief that clarity is achieved through motion, through doing…trail and error. Drawing from established techniques and forms, somatic concepts, yoga, pilates and contact improv, class begins with a gentle and exploratory warm up and progresses to lengthy phrase work that challenges the body as well as the mind. Dancers are asked to absorb movement quickly and to take ownership over their own artistic choices within a given phrase. Given movement becomes a suggestion rather than fact…a question with a multitude of answers. I believe in taking perceived truths about the body and investigating them in motion, cultivating the idea that every body strives toward a relative ideal and not a prescribed notion of perfection. We will: dance. to music. have fun. learn about ourselves. 5,6,7,8. go.


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