Hana van der Kolk

Hana van der Kolk is originally from Boston and currently lives and works throughout the US and in Europe, most frequently in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Her choreographic projects combine elements of conceptual practice with post-modern dance and take place in a wide range of sites. She recently completed a year as the Arthur Levitt ’52 Artist-in-Residence at Williams College where she taught Experimental Choreography and an movement improvisation training called Perceptual Intelligence, and directed a durational performance event for 17 students and 17 local residents, which featured carpentry, sewing, shamanistic healing, music, movement, and much more. Hana has also taught internationally including at the SNDO in Amsterdam and the University of Tallinn, Estonia.
Class Description: As dance teachers Hana and Teilo share a commitment to facilitating heightened kinesthetic and mental awareness and developing a relaxed and curious presence. They are both influenced by Body Weather Labratory, Body Mind Centering, and Mindfulness Meditation, as well as their love of social dance and collective, bodily spaces of celebration. Their class, a hybrid of their converging and diverging interests, will consist of both set and improvised material that facilitates participants in exploration of heightened states of awareness, release, and physical engagement. Fun is important and so is sweat. 
Hana and Lailye’s Class Description:  Hana and Lailye have been bouncing physical ideas off of each other for 12 years. They are both interested in ways to trick the whole body into being present, moving without choosing, and combining/repurposing different techniques for new endeavors. Their influences include Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, Mindfulness Meditation, Authentic Movement, Dropping it like it’s hot, and Body Weather. In this class, they will share a few practices that they love—ones that invoke states of magic and rigor. 

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