Aaron Brando

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Aaron Brando holds a Masters Degree in Education and loves the art of crafting pedagogy in a non-codified system such as CI. Brando teaches CI in the U.S. and internationally. He serves on the Board of Directors for Earthdance Retreat Center. Brando has been instrumental in creating the event, CI Ground Research, which encourages the ongoing research of Contact Improvisation by dancers from around the world. Brando trained with Tom Myers at the KMI Institute and is a certified Fascial Bodywork/Structural Integration practitioner. He served a two-year residence at the Kripalu Center for Yoga, is a certified Yoga teacher and has a 20-year history with Vipassana Meditation.

Class Description:

“The Dance We Live For” – In this class we will be exploring how concepts in facial research can enliven our movement sensibilities and expand our range of choices in improvisation. Based on a reading of German fascial researcher Robert Schleip we will explore diversity of ways that our quality of touch affects the mechanoreceptors in our connective tissue.

We will investigate the art of sensing our individual tensegrity and structural alignment so impact can travel efficiently and easily through the fluid architecture of the joints. Our research will help refine our movement awareness to create a balance in the fascial system/matrix for health and longevity in our lives and dancing.

Finally we will zoom out in order to experience the evolving whole: playing with both composition & connection to touch the poetics of the dance.

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