Hollis Bartlett

Hollis was born in northern Illinois and was drawn to dance at a young age. His family moved to Massachusetts before he began high school and his curiosity for movement and performance followed him. After high school, he Hollis14moved to New York City to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. There he was introduced to contemporary modern dance, worked with a variety of guest artists, and received a BFA in Dance. Since graduation he has had the pleasure of working with Doug Varone and Dancers, as well as Brian Brooks, Adam Barruch, Sydney Skybetter, and the Metropolitan Opera. In addition to performing, he is currently chair of Dance/NYC’s Junior Committee, an incubator for the next generation dance leadership. He has been a member of the committee for four years and works to bolster the dance community through research, discussion, and community action.

Class Description: Throughout class, we will investigate the articulation of the arms, legs, and torso in order to integrate the whole body in motion. The warm-up is designed to familiarize you with your body, which will allow us to progress into large energetic phrases. My approach to movement is through dynamic energy rather than static forms, and I constantly play with traditional placement and wild abandonment. I believe dancing is a lively communal experience and together we will sweat, groove, and let loose.



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