Ashley Sabisch

Ashley Sabisch is a performing artist and dance educator based in Cambridge, MA. Her work and research are grounded in improvisation, somatic movement, post-modern dance, performance, and collaboration. After earning a BA in AshleyPhotoDance at the University of California, Irvine, Ashley moved to New York City where she had the privilege of working with Mariangela Lopez, Julia Edwards, Zena Bibler, and with Caryn Heilman as a LiquidBody Dance Company member. Ashley is a founding member of Moved Louder, a Boston-based improvisational movement ensemble. Moved Louder was recently awarded a position as Artists in Residence at Green Street Studios where they explored the meeting point between dance theater and open improvisation by combining improvisational tools with text, emotion, and the experience of Ma. More info at:
Class description:  This class is a movement lab that explores internal awareness, group decision-making, and performative presence with a focus on Compositional Improvisation. We will assess our bodies’ current states using somatic exercises to build awareness of breath, sensation, fluid weight, and internal physical desires. To connect this state to the external, class will progress into our relationships to the space and the other dancers as we venture into a group mindset. There will be options for collaboratively made improvisational scores, deep investigations into nuanced movement, and play with the roles of witnessing/performing. I will draw on inspiration from somatic studies, Authentic Movement, Ensemble Thinking, and improvisational tools as we experiment with our bodies’ imaginative creative impulses in order to refine our improvisational skills.

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