Cathy Nicoli

Cathy Nicoli, Assistant Professor of Dance and Performance Studies at Roger Williams University, received her Displaying Nicoli Body Shot.jpgMFA in Dance at Smith College. She is a Certified Movement Analyst and Bartenieff Fundamentals TM teacher, and is trained by the Mark Morris Dance Company to teach dance to Parkinson’s populations. She was Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance at Hampshire College (2005-2008), co-artistic director of Groundwerx Dance Theatre, an original member of elephant JANE dance, and director of Bearnstow’s art and nature camp for children. She has performed her choreography at the Kennedy Center, London’s National Theater, and in Ben Folds Five’s MTV video Underground – of which she was assistant choreographer and dancer.

Class Description: Sometimes quiet and internal, sometimes vigorous and group minded, this intermediate/advanced contemporary technique will be a mix of improvisation scores, set exercises, and phrase work.  Bringing specific attention to a movement’s origin and resulting pathway, we will use focus, initiation and direction as key elements to clarify our movement potential.  Every dancer will be encouraged to dance in a full-bodied, space-hogging, way – but to do so while maintaining subtlety, so their phrasing becomes textured and their placement remains specific.  Dancers will be challenged to notice their kinesthetic intentions as they pass through a full range of levels and dynamics.  Our warm-up will be largely inspired by Bartenieff Fundamentals TM.


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