Angelo Dello Iacono

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  • Angelo started ballet at the age of 7. After 10 years of improvement, he left his native Italy and began a journey as dancer, enriched and influenced by choreographers, ballet masters, martial arts sensei and musicians with whom he worked (Maurice Béjart, Azari Plisseski, Timothy Gordon, Caroline Carson, Malcolm Braff, Sylvie Guillem, Mitia Fedotenko, Young Gods, Pascal Auberson and many others). His career led him on five continents, over more than 30 countries and in prestigious theaters and festivals (Off Limits, Carpenter PAC, Steps, Stravinsky Hall,  Caprice, Siguientescena, to name a few).
  • Passionate about meditation and cultures with tribal origins, in 2001 he founded the company ADN Dialect (DNA in english) with the aim of promoting ideals of peace and cultural exchange between peoples, cultures and artistic styles. Author of The book “Le Point Zero” describing his technique based on connection with breath, contact with partners and with elements of nature; between 2001 and 2011 he received a plaque of honor for his artistic creations, and other prizes for his dance/video clips.
  • Also qualified teacher of Fine Arts in Switzerland, he teaches visual arts and interior design in public and private schools. His creations in fine arts and design are characterized by sound sculptures, live paintings and interactive decors for dancers and musicians on stage. Founder of “scéno plastic arts”, he is also at the source of the artistic movement called “Neodimensionisme.”
  • Currently in collaboration with Ben Schwendener, he is working on a new musical and choreographic system that allows musicians and dancers to research and improvise on a common base field.

Class Description:

  • meditation postures
  • exercises opening the meridians of vital energy
  • improvisation exercises on the theme of the river and its flow
  • improvisation exercises on the theme of dialogue by contact
  • improvvisation exercises on balance sharing (with partners and objects)
  • improvisation exercises on sound, water and vibration waves

Born in Switzerland and presented on five continents, the approach of the company DNA Dialect is characterized by its deep and organic style, approached as a martial art. Influenced during his career by strong names of dance and music world, Angelo Dello Iacono proposes an approach of alchemy blending contact, yoga, balance sharing, flying low, and other explorations on materials and elements of nature.


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