Karl Rogers

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Karl Rogers, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, defected to the Midwest, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Knox College, and then trained at the Dance Center Columbia College. He completed an MFA in Choreography at Ohio State University in 2003, where he was the first dance artist to receive the University’s top award, a Presidential Fellowship. He is currently working on a PHD in dance at OSU. Karl is thrilled to have recently joined the faculty at The College at Brockport- SUNY. He has taught at colleges and festivals around the world; most notably, since 2009 he has co-directed the Young Dancers Workshop for pre-professional teens at Bates Dance Festival. Karl also dances with Heidi Henderson’s Elephant Jane Dance. He and Heidi are working on a week-long installation- dance work. His credits include projects with Terry Creach, Paul Matteson, Colleen Thomas, Hoi Polloi, Meghan Durham-Wall and many others. He also edits the annual Proceedings journal for the Congress on Research in Dance. Karl has been a member of David Dorfman Dance since 2005.

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