Kathryn Enright

Kathryn’s website!

Born in the United States, Kathryn Enright currently splits her time between London, UK and Berlin, Germany, working as an independent dance artist, scholar, and teacher. Kathryn holds an MFA in Choreography from The Ohio State University, an MA in Dance IMG_4265Ethnography from Gallatin University/TISCH in New York City, and a BA in English from Bowdoin College in Maine. In 2011 she was invited overseas by William Forsythe to rehearse with his company in Frankfurt, Germany. Since then, she has performed for Chris Haring/Liquid Loft, Percevale Perks (NDT), Laurent Chetouane, May Zarhy (MAMAZA), Michael Klein, film director Mara Mattuschka, and in an installation work for William Forsythe. Prior to moving to Europe, she worked with Lily Skove, Annie Kloppenberg, Eszter Salamon, Christine De Schmedt, Bebe Miller and Kathleen Hermsdorf, among others. Kathryn’s choreography has been shown in various US venues including the Joyce Soho and Judson Church, NYC. In 2012/2013 she was a guest artist for Motion Bank, headed by William Forsythe and Scott deLahunta. She is also a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher. Kathryn’s class is influenced by all of the artists and choreographers with whom she has worked.

Class Description: How do we, as dancers and artists, understand and expand the perspective from which we move? We can learn steps, we can navigate improvisational structures, but how can we attune to our habits, desires, stories, and choice-making tendencies in order bring a deeper awareness to our personal agency as movers? Using paradoxically simple improvisational structures and self observation/conversation we will enrich our understanding of what we dance and how we move.


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