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Alissa Cardone, is an interdisciplinary movement artist, choreographer, teacher and co-founder of Boston-based Kinodance Company.  She has taught and toured nationally and internationally in Russia, Armenia, Belgium, France and Japan where trainings with Min Tanaka (Body Weather Farm), and research & performance engagements with ‘Nijinski of Butoh’ Akira Kasai were galvanizing. A core member of Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works (1998-2003), she has worked with Victoria Marks, Xavier Le Roy, Ann Carlson, Elaine Summers, Yoshito Ohno and Nora Chipaumire among others. On faculty at Longy School of Music from 2005-2008, she has taught at UCLA, Connecticut College, Tufts, Keene State College (NH), Marlboro College (VT), Agnes Scott College.   She holds a MA in Performance Studies from NYU (2003) and an MFA from UCLA’s Department of World Arts & Cultures (2011), where she was the recipient of the Elaine Krown-Klein Fine Arts Scholarship and the Evelyn and Mo Ostin Performing Arts Award (2009-10).

Class Description: This open level class is a movement laboratory that explores the body in space, time & energy.  Warm ups will focus on our relationship to the ground, alignment, dynamic range, spatial intent and will include moving from images to support inner awareness as key to finding freedom within form.  The class will be structured to progress into skill-building across the floor exercises, phrase-work, improvisational structures, and/or compositional exercises depending on the chosen theme. I’m interested in paying more attention to nuance than to technical prowess in this class and encourage dancers from a variety of levels and backgrounds to join.  As a leader, I will draw on my influences as a postmodern dancer having trained in ballet, modern, improvisation, release technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Laban Effort Shape theory, Butoh, experiential anatomy, yoga and a variety of contemporary dance modalities.

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