Doug Gillespie

Kate Weare Company’s website!

Douglas Gillespie of Kate Weare Company received his BFA in Dance from Florida State University and subsequently worked with choreographers Ben Munisteri, Heather McArdle and Tennille Lambert in New York before joining Kate Weare Company in 2007. Born in California but hailing from The Sunshine State, Gillespie currently serves as rehearsal director for the company as well as Weare’s directorial assistant for outside commissions. Douglas was a featured soloist in the 2012 opera, Weakness, choreographed by Weare and composed by Barbara White for Princeton University. Gillespie’s dancing has been described in The Village Voice: “…(Gillespie) hurls himself into complicated connections the way an Olympian runs into their pole vaults.” Gillespie regularly teaches on behalf of Kate Weare Company, most recently as part of the NYU Summer Program and in residence at Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as under his own auspices at Dance New Amsterdam in New York.

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