Heather Stewart

Heather’s website!

Heather Stewart is a Canadian dance artist currently based on the east coast of North America. Her work has been performed internationally in Canada, The United States, the UK, Germany and Spain. In the spring of 2014 she completed her MA in Advanced Dance Studies at The London Contemporary Dance School (UK) with a strong focus in choreography. Heather choreographed and self-produced her first full-length work, entitled etch, in the fall of 2013 at Chisenhale Dance Space (London, UK). Before moving to the UK Heather received her BFA in Contemporary Dance and Creative Writing with Distinction from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). In addition to her independent work Heather is co-artistic director of Canadian dance company Cox & Stewart whose work was recently shortlisted for The Deustche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises in the performance category.
Class Description: The Articulate Body workshop is ideal for dance artists who have a high level of proficiency of movement and are ready for a deeper development of their personal expression as performers. In this workshop we will explore movement phrases that address strength and stamina and place a strong emphasis on clarity of shape and form. Working with movement that is rooted in momentum and multiple articulations of the body we will focus on covering space and developing full body connections. 
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