Megan Bascom

Megan’s website!

Megan Bascom is a Florida native and holds a BA with Honors in Dance Studies, focusing on dance injury and prevention, from the University of South Florida. Her earlier years consisted of apprenticing and performing for Dance Alive National Ballet. Megan currently dances with white road Dance Media/Marisa Gruneberg, with whom she is a founding member, and with Kendra Portier|BANDportier. She has also had the pleasure of performing in the works of Tara Burns Dance, Jeanne Travers, Michael Foley, Kelly Drummond Cawthon, Danny Buraczeski, Moving Current Dance Collective, Doug Varone, and others. Megan is the Artistic Director of Megan Bascom & Dancers, a NYC based company that has been produced by The Rover SoHo and by Triskelion Arts as part of the Split Bill Series and presented at The Clemento Soto Vélez Center, Green Space, WAX Works, Amalgamate Artist Series, Movement Research, HATCH, at the Built on Stilts Festival (Oak Bluffs, MA) and Inkub8 Arts (Miami, FL). She is a modern guest artist at Dance New Amsterdam and Dancepants Brooklyn, teaches Pilates around the greater NY area and most recently finished co-authority a book on movement and learning that will be published by Kaplan in 2013.

Class Description: Class is a time to be playful, articulate, amazed by yourself and others, and reminded of your passion for movement. We will begin with a progression of continuous and cumulative patterns focusing on our strength, alignment, rotations and depth of sensation. I am fascinated with weight, momentum, torque and individual nuance, and the intricate play between these states. We will travel together through the low, middle and high space; transitioning in and out of the floor, moving forward, sideways, upside down and backwards. Find satisfaction in the wild and hungry “space eating” moments as well as the moments of balance or pause when all our years of technique prove worthwhile and a continuous stronghold, which we continue to shape. Phrase work is full and physical, involving propulsion, redirection and a curiosity of focus.


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