Tzveta Kassabova

Tzveta Kassabova is a Bulgarian born choreographer, costume designer and installation artist, named one of the ’25 to watch’ in 2012 by Dance Magazine. At different times she has been a gymnast, physicist, and meteorologist and has danced with many wonderful artists including David Dorfman Dance, PearsonWidrig DanceTheater, Shua Group and Ed Tyler companies. Her work as a choreographer has been presented both in the US and Europe and she has10367803_347924445363488_5033351848026271581_n been the recipient of numerous awards. She holds three Masters degrees, has been on the faculty of University of Florida, University of Maryland Baltimore County, George Washington University and Montgomery College and just secured a tenure track position at Middlebury College. Tzveta believes that dance is a visual art form. She has always been fascinated by the concept of space, and is constantly trying to address it, both in her choreography and design.
Class Description: This technique class strives to help a dancer achieve their individual goals by working towards a strong technical foundation, artistry in movement, and dancing from a neutral, relaxed body. The class offers an opportunity to work in- depth on body alignment, physical clarity, and movement initiation. Warm-up exercises will draw on elements of basic release work, anatomic understanding, and structural soundness, which guide the dancer towards a new integration of their mind and body, flexibility, awareness and power. We will explore and apply these methods to a highly articulate, daring, intricate and physical movement phrase, involving dynamic shifts of energy, level changes and intriguing pathways. By researching movement tasks, as opposed to recreating shapes, the dancers will begin to solve kinesthetic problems in a profound and personal way. We will focus on becoming compelling and magnetic performers, who bring details and quality in any given choreography, and feel at ease within a broad range of movements: athletic, gestural and theatrical.

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